Monday, June 24, 2013

Sub-genre #25

This sub-genre rests on a nice detail of women´s anatomy: their breasts areola, very likely designed as a beacon to help babies finding the food... and other uses for grown-ups as well. The fighting women in the three videos have areolae of large size and my impression is that nobody can stop staring at them.

The sequences have come from California Supreme VT 128 Sandy vs Jacqueline, SexFight Divas (1st video) and DWW Movies-1035 Maggy vs Dina (2nd video).



  1. Hi and thank you for the video, it becomes black after 6 minutes.

    1. Hi, thanks for your remark: the problem has been fixed.

  2. Great stuff as always! May I ask for the Jacqueline tag to be applied to this post so I can keep track of it? She is one of my favorites. I wonder what happened to her? I wish it was possible to do a "where are they now" thing, but I guess a retired wrestler wants her privacy. :)