Monday, June 10, 2013

The Real McCoy

I am collecting material for a post on Ariel X, the present fighting prima dona, but I could not help but publish  a combat of this powerful lady against Xana, another female wrestling force. As real combats are, they use BJJ techniques to submit the opponent which, of course, limit the variety of holds and moves since they are not kidding! Twenty minutes of pressure in this Monica´s Wrestling production.



  1. Ariel X is the real deal. I've bought a few of her matches and have seen others; I won't say she unbeatable at her weight (115-120) but she's pretty close.

    She's bulked up recently (muscles and breasts)and she loves her chokes.

    Now her fetish work...


  2. She's good, but watching someone who spent a few YEARS working out hard and studying BJJ to compete against women who for the most part had little to no formal training doesn't do it for me.

  3. They both have formal training, but Xana is more advanced. On the other hand Ariel X is younger. She was born in 1980, while Xana was born in 1973.
    You can see two BJJ fights of Ariel X that she posted on youtube under her real name, Crystal Tracy:
    She submitted both her opponents with chokes. The second one was a lot taller than her. I wonder if her opponents knew what she does to her "victims" in her adult videos. :)
    And here is her competing in a fitness bikini contest:
    Too bad she got breast implants...

  4. Ariel is one of the few fighters (or body workers?) capable of performing well and naturally in many sports and fetishes; Xana and Nadege are two others who come to my mind. Yes, the breasts implants do not fit the image I like of her (nor the bondage videos...)