Monday, November 11, 2013

Sub-genre #38

One more dressing style that makes a sub-genre in the female fighting universe: wearing stocks and stocks only! That piece of the woman wardrobe has been a men´s fetish by itself for decades and gets its full potential when used in a good brawl. 

The director of the first sample below, DWW Movies Sonia vs Luisa, understood the nude with stocks allure very well, since the fight was planned with that in mind from the outset; by the way, the initial stripping is already titillating. The second video, from Fighting Dolls 0334 Luna vs Pamela, mixes the concept with an oil spread over the luscious fighters body. And the third, a vintage Napali, Tiffany vs Storm, shot before the invention of adhesive hosiery, uses an extra item: garter belts. I like all the three.


1 comment:

  1. I had the last video. It is a great big breasted battle as they try to tear their tits off. One of the better Napali videos. It is actually with Leanna Foxxx.