Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lots Of Flesh

Surfing the Web for hunting out new (to me) female fighting sites, I was impressed by the style of the advertising post of a Japanese video maker. It reminded me the hard porn of the 1990s, with dozens of naked fighter pictures, hardly with any space between each other, giving the impression at a distance of an window of women flesh parts. Curiously, despite the graphic exposing of nudity, it is still censored Japanese style with the pixelation of genitals.

There are similar ones in the site, but that is the busiest image. I would like to try one of the videos; however, the well known difficulties for a western guy to buy goods from Japanese merchants give me uneasy feelings.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there... I can personally say these videos are SUPERB. Brutal see-saw nude submission wrestling at its best to bitter shrieking for mercy at the end. The winner and a stable of male spectators take turns doing the loser to complete the humiliation. Well worth watching.