Monday, March 17, 2014

By The Book

Many schoolgirl pins go the "extra mile" and quickly become face sittings, smothering and other erotic interchanges. It is not I am against these domination procedures but in this post I am focused in sgps where the winning fighter just wants to score a pin, using her weight to immobilize the opponent, legs over the shoulders. If well done, the only action possible to the victim is trying to unbalance the fighter on top with floundering legs and up-down hip movements - in general, to no avail.

The cases for my thesis (lol), in a increasing degree of nudity, are: APL481 Dynamo vs Katarina, Chaos Video unknown fight, DWW Movies Maggy vs Dina, California Supreme(s) Fran vs Candi and Sally vs DJ.



  1. Any idea on what company the Sally vs dj video is from?

  2. Here's a great one in HD.