Monday, April 21, 2014

One More For My Collection

With the Internet, one cannot help but carry on searching those long desired and missing videos of the favorite combatants. I am happy to have found one with the legendary Beatrice Goffin, a combat with a bodybuilder named Anja, held in the same improvised quarters of other fights with the Belgian.

It was a slow motion struggle and it seems that muscled woman was not very skilled nor was willing to use her biceps to offer a better opposition (or Beatrice did not allow any...). Anyway, the final "walking on the wall" submission is uncommon.



  1. Have this video and to me one of the greatest premises on a tape and Beatrice sells it well. The issue is Anja, who is inexperienced and emotionless. What could have been a great tape if Beatrice did this with Maggie/Leonie/Dina/Sherrie. The more I've seen of Beatrice she is at her best when talking during a match and seeing her expressions as she tries to get or break a hold.

    Here they had nine different "Challenges" Arm-wrestling (surprisingly good), Tug o War, Sumo, simultaneous scissors (my favorite), boxing, bearhug, wrestling, no holds barred and slavegirl (wrists tied together).

    Anja much more defined, but just a terrible opponent as she did not bring out fully Beatrice's emotions.

  2. Fantastic - thanks so much for sharing. This was my first Bea Goffin video - I think it is called The Trial? In addition to the bearhug (and Anja should have easily won, she also had the best position with her arms), they did a mutual bodyscissors as well as boxing and this classic submission wrestling.

    I'm preaching to the converted :) but there was no-one like Goffin, IMO she oozed sensuality in everything she did.


  3. Watched the Bearhug challenge again and there is a reason it works. It is real, nothing is faked and you can hear the grunts and expression from Beatrice. Now if Anja could have sold it would have been infinitely better. If anyone saw Beatrice vs.Sherry 5 (I highly recommend getting it from Rockin Rxanne's site) or vs. Leonie when Beatrice does commentary throughout the matches (another incomplete match vs. a brunette is hilarious just to hear her banter) or if it was vs. a Maggie this would be the best compilation ever.

    Below is the LH match, which too is very good, but I juxtapose the two and if they added a little background and commentary it would up the anty.

  4. Beatrice is naturally sexy. She loves it ! And she wants competition ! The body builder was not into it,as much.. Beatrice wanted more from her ! Please run WRESTLING 87. Its a ring match with Beatrice ,and guess who? Lynn Marie ! California Wildcats. Beatrice must of LOVED IT !

  5. Added some, delete last duplicate post......

    Not sure I'd call her sexy..... Yes there was something about her. She doesn't compare to those for instance with DWW and many independent wrestlers. What she had was a spirit and competitive nature second to none and talked, grunted, groaned & showed facial expressions that showed the emotion of the battle.

    The Lynn Marie (and she is gorgeous) match was in a ring and good but was missing few elements to elevate it. I liked the fact they did interviews (though Bea's English is just okay).

    I think her most intense were with Leonie, who like Ziggy are almost mute when they wrestle. Maggie may have been her perfect foil from the videos I have and what I read, but they did not have enough matches. Saw two, one badly taped where Bea dominated and one in Beatrice's loft (the perfect venue) where Maggie prevails. An aside I had some conversations with Beatrice through email (prior to her legal problems), and she was polite yet somewhat curt too. I ordered videos directly from her and she sent two vs. Leonie (both very good), a short one vs. Dina and the one with Maggie. She was not a great saleswoman, but promised one where she got even with Maggie if I sent her more money. Unfortunately never did and the legal issues began shortly thereafter.

    Sherry from festelle was beaten many a time by Beatrice, but their last meeting, again in her loft is extraordinary 40 minutes where a larger Sherry (probably put on 15-20 lbs) and Bea go at it talking and playing to the camera, grimacing, screams of hurt, pained looks and then a sudden end.

    Finally there is Dina, who appeared in no other tapes I've ever seen, who I think may have been a Dr. Bigger, tanned beautifully defined and very attractive she too gave Beatrice all she could handle in 3 matches I've seen all friendly but very competitive.

  6. BOTH these women have totally gorgeous bodies. The match is sensual and interesting. Love the scenery during the even battle and struggle. Great asses on them.

  7. One of my how that other ones azz eats her bottoms.

  8. is not there any lesbian scene of Beatrice? If there is any, I would love to watch it, Beatrice was a goddess, he was not very pretty, but she was very hard and sexy, her body was incredible