Monday, June 30, 2014

Delay-action Bomb

The Festelle FV119-4 video seemed good entertainment although being an ordinary topless boxing as many others. Featuring solid builds blond and black women, it goes by the competitive and real lane, with one fighter prevailing. However, the ending was not expected by anyone, specially the referee. 



  1. tina had done some kick boxing. the crowd were supporting her as she was extremely good looking and fit, however the black girl just kept coming and hit her with some really good shots, especially the one that made the ref give her a standing count. she was hurt and i think the occasion got too much for her and a combination of heat,exhaustion, pain caused her to collapse to the canvas where thankfully she was allowed time to recover. i dont think she fought again after this public humiliation.

  2. Not to be a puss about things but I always wondered about the boxing without 'real' referees and doctors around in case something serious happened. Though the punches didn't seem all that damaging, the girl falling and hitting her head could have been,

    Wrestling with wannabee refs ( like Jeff the Ref ) is one thing but for boxing there should be someone in there that's in there because he knows what to look out for and not because he enjoys watching girls duking it out. I think a good ref would have seen she wasn't with it and stopped it.

  3. Most were of the opinion that Tina went down to exhaustion and not any amount of punishment.
    It,s got to be remembered that the girls often took part in more than one bout and I believe Tina had wrestled earlier.

    1. Didn't matter why she went down , the way she fell with out anything or anyone breaking her fall could have been dangerous. A good ref , besides her corner people, should have noticed this , made her go back to her corner and call it a day before the collapsed.

  4. I think straight boxing, as opposed to kick-boxing, proved to be a different proposition for Tina. Her kick-boxing bouts were more about sweeping the opponent's legs from under her rather than landing (and taking) heavy punches.