Monday, July 21, 2014

Billboard Top Ten

Maybe one or two of these music videos have actually made the top ten but here in the Blog they were selected and ranked by their female combat qualities (whatever it means...). It is still impressive the number of music producers and singers who resort to the wrestling, boxing, MMA and other fighting genres to enhance the appeal of their goods!

Below, the best five are: Hot Love (T.Rex) (this is not exactly a music video but a nude catfight with a sound track), Beautiful Day (Nick Kamarera), Stupidisco (Junior Jack), Putin Lights Up The Fires (Pussy Riot) and Trapt (Reborn).

The next five are: Every 1´s a Winner (Kim Styles), Ladies and Gentleman (Saliva), Fight Like a Girl (MCW New Horizons), Petulant (Haunting The Disconnect) and Light It Up (Rev Theory).



  1. A very good selection Astro, much of which I had not seen before. But I was surprised by the omission of that perennial favourite 'Girls on Film' by Duran Duran (though I note that some versions today have dropped the best and sexiest final segment to make it G rated). Also, Stupidisco has an alternative R rated ending which of course I prefer!

  2. The first one is def not a music video, its somebody putting music to a catfight scene from Andrew Blake.