Monday, September 15, 2014

Olympic Gold

These Olympic style combats - most from Europe - feature competitive holds that could be in any (good) pro-wrestling match.  You find leg locks, sleepers, combo holds and cradles (the one at 02m:40s is awesome). And the singlets are sexy too! Unfortunately, these scenes are things from a remote past.



  1. Another great "curated" postings - thanks!

    The attire was much sexier, wasn't it? There are a few clips around of Leia Kawaii (Tigra) wrestling Olympic-style, but I've never found any of Bea Goffin.

  2. Great video clip. I love this one. Some of the best and competitive female wrestling I have seen in a while. I love when one female can dominate and put another female in a precarious, and helpless position like some in this clip. Even more so when the are so closely similar in height, weight and age like this. Some of these holds are beautiful. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Totally agree. It's good to have two girls the same weight and height going at it to see who is best. A lot of those holds were beautiful to watch.

  3. Hopefully the women's singlet will be changed for the next Olympics.