Monday, September 1, 2014

Wrestling Venues, Referees And Audiences

A fellow Blog reader has made a remark about one lady watching a Festelle event (FV 121-1 in the 1990s?) and that has given me the subject of this post. I never had the opportunity of watching a live female wrestling event, therefore the atmosphere of such venues have always been a mystery to me. Judging from the images, this Festelle seems a sort of afternoon tea where friends get together to watch the sport  proceedings notwithstanding the athletes being topless. Helping the convivial ambiance is the popular  and composed Jeff the Ref.

The above mentioned old lady can be seen entering the venue and grabbing a seat after Lisa and Black Hawkie started the bout. As the reader has mentioned, who could be the woman and what interest did she have for women fights? A relative of Lisa? A veteran wrestler watching the modern times?

Nothing more distant from the London (?) venue than the second segment from Crystal Video Harmony Hellcats #4, held in the Meatpack District in New York City. Raunchy event par excellence, it has the right referee and audience for the scenario. Which includes a full participation of two spectators not showing any shyness of being taped.



  1. When the Hellfire Club was active I was not aware of it but as bad as I wanted to see live female wrestling back then, had I saw where it was located I'd never had gone anyway. What a dump, LOL!

    That had to be located in the worst place in NY and attending something in a location like that you'd be just begging to be robbed and murdered .

    At the same time and later there were better places to see such events like the Catfight Haven in Geaorgia and Robin's occasional events ( Les Femme Fatale ) in Ca. Both looked like classy events were your life was not danger watching girls wrestling.

    Though I didn't attend any of those particular ones ( CH always had one on dates I had something else already planned ) I did attend the ones put on by TUFF many times in Virginia Beach. These were always held in nice venues and had good action . I wish they were still active but they are not. It were always worth the four hour drive for me.

    1. I envy you, congratulations!
      Thanks for disclosing your memoirs.

  2. Hell, nothing to envy with me ... I only saw the TUFF events. The people I evny big time are those that can attend those incredible events put on by FIGHTING STYLE !

    What a location for it and with gorgeous women wrestling and cat fighting all day and into the night. Now that's an event I'd love to attend.

    Anyone here reading this ever attend one of these Fighting Style events ?