Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Alert: Rare And Hairy Fights On The Theater

Topless female wrestling is a rare event on YouTube; nude ones, more yet; now, nude AND with fighters sporting her natural forests happens once in a century... (I am exaggerating a little bit...). Of course, it is vintage Beka.

Oh, I forgot to mention: to the ones who favor hairless nudies and prudish topless wrestlers, there is a couple of videos right below Beka sequence.


It is curious: the fights on the nude stayed on YouTube for one whole week; on the Blog Theater for a whole hour. There should be a spy infiltrated among the our viewers...


Just a glimpse of what was there:



  1. Women wrestling nude except for wrestling boot looks ridiculous to me besides not being nearly as sexy as if they were barefoot. I even skipped over Academy until they let the girls go barefoot, LOL. Just another example of one of the endless, crazy demands all girl wrestling fans seem to have.

    While we're on the 'playlist' : there is a match titled HOT WOMEN WRESTLING with Debra D'Angela . Anyone know who her blonde opponent is , or better yet , the producer of that video ? Thanks .

  2. What an age. Women naked, hairy and proud. You never knew what you were going to get when they pulled off their underwear. There were just so many variations of vagina back then. Huge Sasquatch bushes, trimmed ones, blonde bushes, there were even black bushes on blonde women, and when they were stripped nude by another wrestler, it was all the more humiliating because everyone knew they dyed their hair. Occasionally, you'd see a rare woman with a shaved pussy, like Lee Price. It was bold to shave bald and show it in public back then. Now, it's opposite: you're bold if you proudly display the fact that you don't groom down below. A public, pubic forest.

    1. That is an example of the effects of woman fashion, this time in the most intimate body part. I have realized that I long for exuberant pubic hair because I didn´t have much chance to watch many live displays when I was young...