Monday, November 17, 2014

Someone Else Challenged The Destroyer

Ariel X is a powerhouse in the female fighting community (let´s forget her bondage skills for a while) and few women can face her in a truly competitive match. As we have seem, Xana was one of them. Now, again for Monica Wrestling, Ina Black uses a formidable strength and skills arsenal to check Ariel´s fame. Watching the sample below, one can see a battle of equals... 



  1. An amazing performance by Ariel, though.

  2. amazing performance from the younger ina who takes the american dom down and beats her

  3. I think very highly of Ariel (who is also a legit martial artist - BJJ). Ina is much bigger (5", maybe 50 pounds) and an accomplished samboka (?) For her to be so competitive against Ina is just remarkable. And she does love her Rear Naked Choke :)