Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tapping Out (33): Got Red Yet?

Ouch, more than an year since the last post in this series... To make up for the long time of absence, there goes an authentic submission with nude fighters. It comes from Academy SOAP 322 Darling vs Yana Jordan and the "proof of authenticity" is visible in Darling´s red face (as you have seen in a previous post). Before the ending, we are treated with other entertaining angles of that veteran fighter.



  1. This is an early match with Darling judged by her pre-enhanced tits. Now her tits are much firmer and also bigger. Darling has buffed up and has her share of fans due to her well trained abs.

  2. Can you please post a link to the actual match? I've been trying to this specific match for so long. PLEASE!

    1. Not sure if that is what you have asked for...