Monday, December 29, 2014

Beatrice´s House Refurbishment

With my main hard disk crash in last May gone were the folder with Beatrice Goffin videos and photos. When one thing goes wrong another one comes up to make things worse: the YouTube playlist containing her non-topless fights lost the entries. As a result, the page I kept about the legendary wrestler had become a shanty house.

By retrieving footage and pictures from forgotten vaults, I was able to rebuild Beatrice´s memorabilia and even add another fighting video. Therefore, her dedicated page is decent again and can be visited clicking on the tab above. All of her fighting videos are now kept on the page itself; there are full combats and sample clips. As far as I know, except for resale sites, they are either out of catalog or the producer sites are long gone: being so, I took the liberty to share the images here. 

Once more, I invite everybody with information and images of Ms. Goffin to contribute.

Good way to end the year, right? By the way, a great 2015 to you all !!!


  1. Nice to see it updated. Wish I'd see a video I didn't own or had seen previously. With all she did, I'm sure there are those "lost" tapes to watch, some reviewed or profiled in Amazons in Actions, vs. Maggie (her revenge), Leonie (seen 4 of their 7 encounters), Marie-Laure(?)....... Hope others have comments to add.....

  2. Have no comments just want to add that it is a pity Beatrice isn't active no more and that I finally came into the position to actually visit het hometown recently which is 72 miles from where I live. I doubt Beatrice is active even on a small scale due to the criminal law suit of possible prostituion charges which was issued some years back by people who do not understand what Beatrice was all about.

    Anyway, I do not know if I have any material on Beatrice, if I do I will share it with the owner of this blog. Beatrice was a woman who could have given well established names in the circuit around the world a run for their money and some come to mind whom I would have loved to see wrestle Beatrice as they probably would have gotten their ass kicked like former DWW champ Manuela(who lost her unbeaten status to French Marie Laure) and of course the Kiwi Lisa-Marie(who lost her TPC unbeaten status to unknown girl Hayley, born Norwegan, living in the USA) although these r probable of a later generation.

    Again, a shame Beatrice isn't active anymore.

  3. Before I forget:

    All the best for 2015 !!

  4. Try this link:

  5. Most of Rockin Roxanne’s have been out and are cut up snippets of longer tapes or ones I’ve seen or ordered. Beatrice and those filmed in her loft are the ones that usually were the best and there was the intensity and rawness that is missed in so many tapes. For instance the festelle tapes vs. Sherry are really boring (and I don’t like that there are crowds of men watching), but get the two of them in her loft and talking and he matches are so much better. Vs. Maggie, I saw them in a tournament and thought very little (and Beatrice dominates), then they met @ Beatrice’s and it was 20 great minutes and Maggie gets revenge. I’ve heard from Beatrice and read elsewhere about rivals and tapes that just never show anywhere. Amazon’s in Action reviews some (in stodgy British fashion) without giving away the results. What as I said made Beatrice was her determination and skill (very good, but not great) and the fact that she actually did submit (begrudgingly) and lost some, though it seemed the first 7 times I saw her she always won. She hated losing, you could hear, feel and see her pain when she was in a precarious position and see that little bit of nastiness and domination when she got a submission. Vs. Sherry, little with Leonie and others you’d hear her talking and commentary as she was determined win and to not submit. When she did submit you knew how much it hurt her to say those words and how much she wanted to get even.
    She by far wasn’t the prettiest, most skilled or strongest. In the compilation there is the vignette of her series vs. Anja, which vs a better opponent would have been spectacular. Anja was bigger and stronger and won the strength based duals, but Beatrice never gave easily and you see how she just refuses to give (arm-wrestling, scissors, bearhug, sumo..). What she was, was maybe the most enthusiastic and determined. There are very few who equal her for those reasons.

  6. Beatrice is second to none. She unites enthusiasm, extraordinary wrestling skills, stamina and erotic.
    I do hope her most challenging fights, like her very painful experience against Penny Mcrorty will Be discussed. She produced very intense Fights.

  7. Yes and those are the "white whale" matches I wonder about. Below is one persons comments about that match I found.....

    One of the most remarkable fights of Beatrice is her fight against Penny.
    I am not sure, but I guess the name of the opponent was Penny.
    The fight took place in England? Exactly where, I don´t know.

    Round1 and round 2 were dominated by Beatrice.

    In round 3 Penny? applied a heel hook. It hurt likes hell. Beatrice writhes in pain. Everybody expected that Beatrice will submit immediately. But she did not tap out and tried to free her foot.

    Unfortunately I don´t know the winner. Are there any lucky guys which possess the video.

    Sweat, pain, stamina, extraordinary wrestling skills and animal spirit are the ingredients of fights with Beatrice.

    And another.....

    For Beatrice it was sexual to dominate her female opponents. That is the secret that made her a cut above the rest. Girls just doing it for the money, which is most of them had no chance against her.

    Her sexual energy gave her the ability to withstand pain and to will herself to win. When you watch her matches she is usually polite and pretends to be a good sport because she is getting paid to perform. Some of her famous match ups were worked matches because smart girls were scared of her. I won`t ruin it by saying which ones

    But I`ll tell you. I`ve watched every Beatrice clip I can find and the truth is in the expressions you see on her face from time to time. Her mean streak is easily discerned and you see her lost in thought at times. I believe she was thinking about what she would really like to be doing to the women she was beating up.

  8. Where is this elusive fighting video against Penny? Who has it?

  9. Beatrice produced some hundreds videos. Astonishing, the discussions about her videos including approx. 20 fights. The most intense and very competitive fights are not part of the discussions.
    Where are her videos available?

  10. I wonder the same. I know she fought Leonie 7 times and did not like her. Four are available (or I've seen). Amazons in Action reviewed many videos with her, but see only those filmed for Festelle, which are so so.

    Her best as said were probably filmed in her loft, where the space, lighting (and the the 1990's) taping was pretty good.

    When I ordered from her, there was an issue with what she sent and how I paid (money order) and not professional, but she meant well. I got two matches with Leonie, one brief 10 minute match with Dina (who never appeared elsewhere) and one vs. Maggie, where Maggie avenges a lopsided loss in what was called the Athen's Tournament (badly filmed, narrated and shot).

    Beatrice said she'd send more, including her getting revenge vs. Maggie if I sent more money. She was arrested shortly thereafter.

    I asked questions and was curious and she was not overly friendly and as I've said just a terrible marketer. Compile some of her best matches and include some commentary prior or after and she could have made something. Hell sell it to a proper distributor now and split the profit.

  11. Beatrice was never arrested.

  12. Semantics.... Charged.... Very sad series of events that robbed much from her, her spouse and of course those fans of her.

  13. Of course. Her legal calamities were horrofic times (9 years!!!). Beatrice and her spouse are a happy couple and are not devided by the legal troubles. I can't understand she lost many fans and what those fans think about Beatrice. Apparently terrible minds without a background. Please try to bring her back to our community.

  14. I think the vast majority were mortified about what happened. Of course female wrestling too must be looked at with some introspection as to why we are so enamored with this predilection and too understand the underlying sexuality and be careful that no one is exploited and one understands it.

    There is a fine line which we see manifested in trib videos that can not be ignored. Heck I go back to Sports Review Wrestling days and never saw a video until probably the early 80's and Beatrice in the early ones I saw was always in a bikini. It was her first topless one that I fully understood the connection (and for some reason all her best matches are topless).

  15. The female fighting as a man´s sexual fetish is an interesting subject that needs more in-depth discussion. Beatrice certainly was aware that her videos were mostly bought because of the stimulated arousal on us and not only by their sport attributes whatever ones they had. As mentioned, that should have influenced her to fight topless and even naked with erotic finales (despite have being betrayed by Women Warriors in this case, according some accounts).

  16. I agree, the sexual kink (dominating her opponents) of Beatrice has to be discussed in-depth. The ingredients of her success are excellent wrestling skills, an athletic body, her unique stamina, her erotic spirit.
    No other wrestling gal showes more sex appeal than Beatrice.

  17. Yes I will respond again as Beatrice does fascinate me. The Lee Price match for Women Warriors and available if one searches on is very much a one off and surprising to say the least. It definitely showed Beatrice in a different light.

    My first videos with her were from vsl, the Ali Day match and the Round Robin where she fought Kristi, Ziggy, Danielle..... None were in retrospect very good, but Beatrice was ingrained and had a reputation. I got the Athen's Tournament again in one-pieces or bikinis and not very good, but she always won.

    It was the first one's that she had privately produced from her loft that were topless and much more competitive and intense that changed things for me. And seeing her lose too.

    Ordered and saw the Festelle ones and again just so-so.

    The sexuality is magnified too when there are no spectators.

    Interesting that Beatrice knew this and in matches in her loft vs. Leonie, Sherry and others where you'd hear her breathing, her screams of desperation, her taunts and see her trying escape or apply holds, that is unique to her.

    Juxtapose this to Judell Dulong and her noble efforts to make the sport legit, but never knowing if any of her photosets were real or just a ruse either (as tapes of her matches are almost non-existent and her best photosets and descriptions are just that with no video). Did she at all understand the sexuality?

    On the east cost there was Joan Wise, who may have had legitimate videos too, but soon realized the money was in domination and mixed wrestling.

    Then there was Premier Productions, which had very muscular or fitness competitors and were competitive, but did very little for me.

    Of course can't forget DWW that brought a European flare and some of the most gorgeous accomplished wrestlers and athletes, but maybe too big for their own good.

    I lived in the Sports Review Wrestling days, where there was the best vs. best and it was a clandestine sport.

    So yes give me the complete collection of Beatrice and those matches she has the fondest memories and the most intense and package and distribute them.

  18. Reading the comments, I guess the interest in Beatrice is bigger than I supposed. We should save her opus, especially her privately produced tapes, produced in Jemelle, her village. Who can convince her, returning to our community, discussing her videos,....

  19. In opposite to her fame the discussions about Beatrice are poor.
    1. She was an excellent wrestler under FILA rules. 2. Beatrice has done many mixed fIghts. Who can report face-to-face adventures with our magic lutteuse? 3. Most of her matches from Jemelle vanished.

    Why there are so many Self-restraints reporting about Beatrice?

  20. Not sure what you are saying. Mixed matches do nothing for me and outside the young males on DWW are Jobbers.

    The matches from her loft have disappeared (outside those on Rockin Roxanne) and those reviewed and written in the pages of AIA. These are the matches I wonder about. A complete collection vs. Leonie, Maggie or Dina (in her loft). Matches vs. Penny, maybe Marie Laure and her commentary about her toughest matches. There were the tournaments and friendly matches vs. Robin, Elizabeth, Molly & others that lack any intensity, but others that are just revelatory. Below is a description in Beatrice's disjointed English of another match (hope it can be accessed).

  21. I feel really sorry for Beatrice and Michel.. I'm not sure of the exact details, but it seems to be a case of misunderstandings and prejudice, the girls involved not being honest about their age and just a general suspicion of the female wrestling scene.
    Perhaps someone could confirm, but have the couple been actually jailed, if so this seems to be a gross injustice, particularly to someone who did so much for the sport and who put her heart and soul into wrestling. When you look at some of the lowlifes involved in all sorts of exploitation it seems truly unfair.
    As for fans deserting Beatrice? anyone who would is not a fan.
    If anyone has any details of Beatrice current situation or whereabouts perhaps they could share it with her true fans, I for one would love to be able to support Beatrice and Michel in their current situation, if for no other reason than all the enjoyment and effort they put into the femwrest scene.

  22. I fully agree. They are not jailed, but their trial last nine years!!!
    my aim is to convince them, communicating with their true fans again. Their knowledge about femwrest is second to none.

  23. Yep I can only say how terrible what she went through based mostly on trumped up charges.

    Can only imagine the library of tapes she has and memories that she could share too....

  24. Happy to read that! The justice is done, the judgement was in 2014. I turned the page. I'm free again, happy and relax. But I'm 66 y now, a little too old to return on the mat !My mail :
    The wrestling was a great part of my life and i lost 10 years with the belgian justice.

    But "je ne regrette rien" as in Piaf's sing.
    Thanks to all my fans and friends...

    Beatrice Goffin

    1. Good to hear those news from you, Beatrice! You certainly deserve to enjoy the life. And, who knows, returning to the mats!

      All the best.


    2. Hi, Beatrice. I have tried to send an e-mail to but I got a message saying non-existent address.

  25. This is great news. Bonne chance Beatrice! (And you've never too old to step back in the ring.)

  26. Sure, Beatrice is never too old to enter the mat again. Please awake your fans again.

  27. Joyful News. Beatrice is back

  28. Would be a great pleasure to conduct an in-depth interview with Beatrice - a real goddess.

  29. Comment (Jan 3, 2015) tells about Bea´s fight against Penny. Penny applied a painful heel hook and Bea...

    Who ever is able to convince Beatrice to comment this fight. I am sure the fight against Penny, including the heel hook, is not discussed yet.

  30. So happy to see her post. My condolences for all she went through.

    Now if only we can get some insight or access to these lost "loft" matches.

    Wow her dismantling of Tigra is certainly of interest. Tigra cracked Maggie's ribs, and while not the greatest of wrestlers, was no pushover with many impressive victories. Much bigger then Beatrice, nonetheless is soundly beaten.
    I could go on, ask questions and want to know Beatrice's thoughts and reminiscences about her past. Did she know what she was producing and how quickly it crossed the line between sport and sexuality? How did she exploit it and did she produce a character for her videos.
    When she did one, was she doing a story her thoughts.
    My view was you didn't need much of one, but a little set-up was important.
    Her talking, facial reactions and actions during the match were they real or playing to the camera.
    Greatest victories, regrets, toughest losses, hardest matches.
    Sounds stupid but was it a 25 minute match and that was the day?
    How often did she have matches? Private Ones...... Sorry I get carried away wanting to ask her questions.

    1. I sign these comments as mine. I could add a bunch of questions to her such as: how was the small talk with other wrestlers regarding the sport? who was her main coach? was the famous nude bout against Lee a private match initially? and more.
      Unfortunately, the e-mail provided by Beatrice above does not exist. Hope she can inform another one.

    2. Yes I would have many a question and want to know details not of her matches, but why she did it and the psyche. How many private matches she would have and how they would be different. Mixed matches and again why. Also ask about Marie-Laure, who I hear was a private foe/partner.

  31. ...not just an excellent wrestler, but an extremely important pioneer.

  32. Any update or contact with Beatrice? Would love to see more of her matches available or a detailed interview. As said maybe the first to understand at least my interest in competitive matches, a little story and truly a spirit that was second to none. There was as I said something in her expressions and reactions that indicated how much she loved the battle, hated to lose and truly relished her victories.

    1. Unfortunately it seems she went back to the "silent mode" again. The e-mail I sent to her returned as invalid address.