Monday, December 22, 2014

The Right Casting

If you had to run a catfight company named Mountain Mayhem Catfights which sort of ladies would you invite to the apartment ring? Model type ones? Slim and fragile girls? Noooo, only women with substantial mounds, deep cliffs, outstanding accidents of nature ... with names such as Chula and Rocky.

There goes a collection of video samples from the company where you may notice the pattern.   

Apparently, Mountain Mayhem is no longer in business: I was not able to find an active site selling their merchandise.


  1. I purchased about 5 of their videos. Most of them were excellent.
    May not be for everyone...not authentic or any real wrestling moves.
    However, for my taste...I love to see two big breasted bitches battle it out in a wild catfight as they try to tear their tits was great.
    Too bad as you say not only did they stop producing videos, but also stopped selling them. Odd, maybe a lawsuit.

    1. I would like to know if we could trade videos. I cant find any of their work online. is where I can be reached.