Monday, December 8, 2014

YouTube Gold Nugget

YouTube can be annoying but it is the only place one can find this rare (at least for me) Beatrice Goffin´s combat against... who? It was buried under the zillion videos they store with a meaningless title, let alone Beatrice´s identification. I had never seen this footage.

You may have notice that my Beatrice´s page shrank as to the video list. Unfortunately, my copies were lost in a hard disk crash and it will take time until being restored.


  1. Great look of the golden age of wrestling. This is women wrestling I fall in love and dependent. It's sad that nowadays we get only robots (jiu jitsu) who have destroyed real women wrestling. There is no more fun in watching it. I regret only that I payed a couple of times for such live events. The good bfw , festelle, asfilm-beka, tpc and dww are over.
    Cheers astogalo I haven't logged in for a long time.

  2. I may have seen a short clip from this once, part of a freestyle training session. I would also have loved to see some footage from Bea's competition days. And totally agree with Frederick.

  3. Yep seen it.... Nothing exciting but it is Beatrice. Frankly all her best were properly taped in her loft and no crowd. Still waiting for her "lost" tapes. As stated why Bea's videos worked was that there seemed to be emotion in her matches, often she spoke while wrestling and you could see the intensity in her face, sounds and expressions. And yes no BJJ.