Saturday, January 10, 2015

Alert: Treena Collins (a.k.a. Lynn Marie) topless on the Theater

Yes, it is a topless catfight on YouTube (from Joan Wise) with the hottiest of the hot fighters: Treena Collins. And with Jackie, another woman who I could easily date. Minutes to removal starting count right now...

Ok, it stayed live for about 200 minutes, a normal figure for YouTube lately; it goes below my traditional 3 minute summary of what we lost. Notice Treena abundant hair in the netherlands, usual at that time.

Right after Treena banishment, a Beka nude fight surfaced on YouTube. Having an erratic policy on content righteousness, the full fight has been there for a full day (or they maybe consider the nude Germans less offensive to the public prudishness than the topless US women).


  1. can u show some leather-lace prod. wrestling

  2. I adore Treena,and first saw her as Lynn Marie. She was body to body in a ring match for California Angels-1987;with Shelly. GREATEST SEXIEST MATCH EVER ! Treena means it,in this one. Her opponent really wants to win this . Treena loves her work- win or loose. You can tell she was in her element.

  3. If you really want to see all of Treena Collins, check out California Wildcats. That is one film where she loses all her clothes about half way through. Beautiful bush and body. There is no one as appealing as her today. She should make a comeback, regardless, there is a niche for her. All-time top ten.

    1. Btw:Treena appears in CW030 Big Busted Brawl