Monday, January 19, 2015

Tapping Out (34): A Good Surprise

This combat had everything to result a so-so product: a much stronger fighter (Skylar Rene) facing a lower-class opponent (Samantha), non-sexy outfits despite impressive Skylar tanned body and a far from adequate arena. However, not being a fully scripted bout - despite the obvious mid-gear option by the dominant woman - there is an entertaining submission depicted below, with a good list of features: nice hold (a F4 head scissors), adequate struggle by the loser however helpless and... why not, a natural wedgie.

This has come from FemWin TS-534 Samantha vs Skylar Rene.

By the way: there is a couple of topless fights on the Blog Theater right now.


  1. Boy, Skylar has fantastic legs and thighs!

    I like how she didn't release the hold the first time Samantha tapped - a bit of a heel in her :)

  2. ooh that natural wedgie was so sexy. i would have liked to see her pick it out with one hand just to watch it ride up her butt again