Monday, April 27, 2015

Nest Of Stars

I am not sure if they started their careers there but California Supreme had a lot of young faces who later turnout to be very well known in the female wrestling business. Ron Dvorkin, the founder, was a pioneer establishing one of the first US outlets specialized in women combat after observing what Germany was doing at the time. He was an ophthalmologist, had money to invest and decided to produce films to please his taste. With California Supreme (and Bellstone, its satellite), a fighting style of semi-competitive bouts with topless and nude women was created that is still in place.

Ron attracted dozen of women with athletic skills and basically mentored them in the trade. The scenes below depict some of them: the splendid Lisa-Marie, the ill-tempered Swedish Tina, the businesswoman Robin, the voluptuous Shelly, the aggressive Raven, the large Kristie Etzold, and the muscular Christine Dupree. What a cast!


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