Monday, August 31, 2015

No Nonsense Has Its Fans

Women pro-wrestling can be entertaining to me if (and only if) it follows a list of requisites: absence of carnival-like characters and behavior, more time dedicated to wrestling than circus, skillful fighters who practice the standard trade (moves, holds) and, why not, natural sexy appeal. 

Every item is on this LadySports production with Kameo and Persephone (specially the lovely natural wedgies).



  1. Damn well-said and couldn't agree with you more ... (Well-compiled, too ... )

    The pro's can do a good job when they do their moves in combination with real competitive sequences, not when they focus on lame-ass, boring moves for an eternity [endless arm, leg and back stretches; figure four leg locks going no where; retarded arm bars with fake (or at least exaggerated) pain; etc.].

    So these examples show they can do what they're supposed to do.

  2. [ ... and, as an aside, just one more observation in connection with the final part of the accompanying text for this entry:

    I definitely consider performed, intentionally-done wedgies to be among the worst, most brain-dead, retarded moves in wrestling or ground grappling, period ... both pro and amateur ... no matter who does 'em, how they're done or how they appear. They have to be among the most suck-ass moves there are, imho. Being the "puller" or "pullee" of a wedgie is what you call being a Prime Excerciser of Waste Production, Big-time.

    "Natural" wedgies ??? ... By that I assume you mean wedgies that just happen to occur during the course of the event, without any direct, conscious effort on behalf of the women. If so, those I can tolerate (and are completely understandable and yes, appealing) ... but otherwise the actively-initiated wedgies are complete bullshit (again, imho).]

  3. I wish WWE and TNA were still like like that. I hate the modern outfits.

  4. ooh yes those natural wedgies were super lovely. its like sexy magic to have it where one moment the outfits are covering there butts, and the next moment they have disappeared up their butts. i personally dont care about the actual wrestling, moves, who won, who's the strongest, etc. i just like to watch girls roll around in their panties and outfits catching natural wedgies. i really wish there could be a catfight site that in addition to focusing on natural wedgies more, would also include showing off the wedgie picking. wedgie pulls are sexy as hell too. and you can even add a little spanking and fondling to increase the arousal factor. unfortunately, the camera man never likes to stay fully focused on the panties the whole time. lot of great wedgie moments are missed