Monday, September 21, 2015

Right From The Internet Caves

Little by little, vintage female fighting videos are coming to the Internet surface. I have recently grabbed a Video Sports classic with Raven (at that time fighting as Nancy) against that curious tattooed character (and traditional looser...) Jasmine. It is a treat for the fans of combative bouts.



  1. What a great find! Love to see more of the Nancy interview at the beginning. VSL was great!


    1. I will add the remaining in due time (I am off base right now)

  2. VSL was a great producer but due to poor sales they closed but kept Ca, Wildcats going .... VSL was way ahead of everyone back then, too bad enouh people didn't think so :>(

  3. Astro - thanks so much for offering to put up more of the interview! I may be the only woman who regularly comments here, but I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you hard work with the site!

    Anon: VSL was tremendous! One of the girls who wrestled for them told me the fact the matches were real was what doomed them with the audience.