Monday, December 21, 2015

Dual Gynecological Examination

It is not really a combat but a gynecological examination (by whom? the cameraman?). The patients are Tylene Buck and Randy Moore who certainly are more than qualified for the role. The full medical session is available at Xtreme Female Fighting (a Double Trouble spin-off?).



  1. " ... but a gynecological examination ... "

    Wh-o-o-o-o-o-a !!! ... In that case, this should be relegated to the Waste Production Bin and someone turn on the de-Crapifier ... So let me say I at least appreciate the warning because episodes like this are only good for the shitcan ... Aside from being embarrassing and denigrating, stuff like this is what I call moron bait: This is meant to hook the B.S.'ers when all the decent and good episodes are gone.

    Cheers !!! ...

    1. That is my friend Panther100...
      Happy 2016!

  2. What more can you want in this clip.Stockings,great spread,crotch shot and elevated ceiling hold submission including the demand for a submission by the women applying it and finally the actual cry of submission.I will watch this again and again