Monday, January 25, 2016

Contortion Limits

There are Boston Crabs which bend the looser girl in such way one would classify the hold as a torture. It is good to know they are staged combats. I always suppose the fight "manager" has taken precautions to assure nobody would get hurt. I also noticed that the Japanese fighters, so slim and delicate, are the most prone to find suffering in the hold.


  1. In a shoot interview, Wendi Richter claimed that Moolah would occasionally overdo the Crab, presumably to remind Wendi who was the boss.

    1. Wendi was (still would be, if she'd come back) a Real Gem (and Moolah probably knew that damn well) ... So my theory is Moolah probably had some type of "inferiority complex" towards Wendi that may have "compelled" Moolah to behave like that towards Wendi during their bouts (imho) ...

  2. Since we're on this subject, I just have to get this off my chest:

    Boston crabs are among the stupidest, dumbest, most time-wasting and piss-poorest holds or actions out there ... How in the hell can anyone watch this crap ??? ... Whoever dreamed this garbage up must have been tortured by drinking an egg in his beer that went to his brain ... because to me they're a complete waste of time, energy and strategy.

    (So, as I always say, to each his or her own but the faster these bone-headed holds or actions are done with and into the shitcan, the better (imho) ...)

    (Cheers !!! ...)

  3. Excellent hold to watch women apply.Love to hear the cries of a submission