Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Blog Technical Problems

Many Blog readers (including myself!!!) are having problems to play the embedded video that comes with each post (the Theater is OK because it uses another video format). I do not know the error source because I have not changed anything on my side. 

The technical glitch apparently is related to the browser in use: Chrome and Opera do not play the videos but Microsoft Internet Explorer does.

I could make Chrome work again few minutes ago by clearing browsing data. If you use it, you should do this: go to Settings/Show Advanced Settings/Clear Browsing Data/ and tick Clear Images and Files. Close it and reload the Blog.

It is very likely the problem in the other browsers can be fixed with the same solution above. But there should be a culprit elsewhere that has triggered the malfunction. My guesses are either Google Blogger or Adobe Flash. 

Please, folks, be patient.

1 comment:

  1. " But there should be a culprit elsewhere (emphasis added) that has triggered the malfunction. "

    (... and I definitely agree with that.)

    " My guesses are either Google Blogger or Adobe Flash. "

    (... Bingo !!! ... That's 2 for 2 !!!) ... and I'd even go a step further and pin it on Google Blogger since this crap doesn't seem to afflict other Google Blogger blogs that also use Adobe Flash ... At least Adobe Flash is on top of their software by always issuing fixes and upgrades to cope with security vulnerabilities, maintenance questions, etc. ... then again, it could very well be a Firefox problem because other browsers are apparently not susceptible to this recurring bullshit or at least they're amenable to it ...

    I knew good news might not last ... I'm getting the same damn, blank, white boxes again where the embedded videos should be ... Clearing the Firefox browser cache and reloading the blog just doesn't help ... So I'll keep at it and see what the hell I can do ...