Monday, March 7, 2016

Hard To Recognize

I had not payed much attention to this fight the first time I saw its initial minutes: no action and a dumb conversation between mature non-descript ladies in ugly outfits. However, another day in a second try, the woman with short hair in pink shorts reminded me someone (the grainy and out of focus footage did not help). I patiently watched more of the movie and at five minutes, when the fight finally begins, I could recognize her: Beatrice Goffin! A couple of pounds overweight but certainly the famous Belgian wrestler. Later on the fight, she undresses to a bikini showing a still sexy body and a recognizable derriere.  

Far from being competitive, the combat is a rarity and may have been one of her last performances. I have no idea about the producer but the blonde adversary seems Tweety.



  1. Very easy to recognize Beatrice. On the other side of 50 and an interesting video nonetheless. I always search for her videos, the one's filmed in her loft always the best and wonder why whoever ordered this chose this video, when others that look so much better (and not on the net) appear available.
    It always amazed me how few knew to market themselves or play to a video audience quite like Beatrice. She was unique in her dominant personality, facial expressions and vocal comments during matches.
    Very low on what I'd order from Rockin Roxanne, but she always made it more then the sum of its parts.

  2. Yes, defenitely Beatrice and Tweety!

  3. Beatrice demonstrates who rules. Tweety is unable to defy the Belgian championesse.