Monday, March 28, 2016

Rag Doll

The title defines Tylene Buck role in this "fight" against Afrika from Double Trouble. It is a fully staged video because it would be a complete mismatch a real fight between the solid black wrestler and the sexy but fragile busty beauty.  Is there any value for our limited buying budget in such product? Yes, I think so: there is a good repertoire of pro wrestling holds, decently executed, including novelties (at least to me) at 01:15, 02:30 and 03:15. All of them designed to a full display of Tylene charms. I will need STJ help to name the holds.



  1. Some time ago I did read something that Tylene Buck is the same woman as WWF sensation Sable?! But maybe I misread that. Well, if it is true it is quite a change from the sexy, dominant woman Sable was to how she is displayed here against Afrika. Double Trouble did the same kind of match against Francesca Le & Goldie Blair with both the same result/ massacre. ;)

    1. Never heard such a thing. I guess Sable makes much more money with WWE than would be possible with Double Trouble.

  2. Tylene Buck is not Sable. As the all knowing Mr Wiki tells us, she was 'Major Gunns' in WCW and XPW. Sable, on the other hand, is Rena Marlette Lesnar, now married to WWE star Brock Lesnar.

  3. Ah, a misreading after all :)