Monday, April 4, 2016

Another Anniversary (3rd part)

The third part of Lady Hawke #58 Mary vs Brandy


  1. Got to hand it to you; you might not think this is a good match at first glance but it is. Older women wrestling in ernest, high-cut suits. Late in the match when Brandy manages to finally pin a struggling Mary whose legs pop open; great job cameraman!

    1. You have exactly pointed out my favorite moment...

  2. Great womens catfight combat by two milfs who have many years experience in the ring and on the mat and enjoy female combat but obviously are now slowing down.This would explain the majority of the bout being ground based and the frequent attempts for body and headscissors which if applied correctly would produce submission because of the power of their thighs.Sadly the wrestlers do not use SGP which would have made great watching.A very enjoyable fight by mature women.