Monday, April 11, 2016

Tumbled Upon Pictures As Good As Videos

I have always said that one good female fighting picture can worth 5 minutes of video. Or more. Look at those selected images and check if I am not right.


Where did the photos come from? From Tumblr, the image sharing site that does not censor adult images and is (relatively) not polluted by porn advertising. They host many women fighting collectors; one that I find a subject expert is Girls Fight Girls, who has an impressive photo archive. Despite some letdowns (e.g. links to porn) is a good place to start your Tumblr browsing.

Note: apparently the spirit of YouTube has taken Tumblr soul and several users have been expelled, including Girls Fight Girls...


  1. Do you know the producer of photo #2?

    1. It seems from BLOW, a producer of raunchy pro + porn videos since a long time out of business. That's a great example where snapshots are better than the video.

  2. Love the Pics especially pic 2 Ceiling Hold.I have no doubt this was a great submission to see and hear