Monday, April 25, 2016

Vintage Erotic Pins

Even in the prudish 1950s women pro-wrestling had its sexy moments. My favorite scene is this special pin (what is the hold name?) applied by June Byers on Penny Banner circa 1955 that leaves fans in the audience with astonished faces. More than forty years later, Heidi Lee Morgan would use the same technique very likely with the same result over the viewers. 

It is a pity that contemporary pro-wrestling rarely uses (to my knowledge) these sort of attractions. 


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  1. They call this the Byers Bridge. June Byers was one of the best (as was Penny Banner). Check out the punch and knee at :20 - very realistic.
    Wrestling lore has it that Byers beat Mildred Burke in a legit shoot back in the 50s.