Monday, May 9, 2016

Great Setup

Three years ago I posted a video about an important feature of a good female combat video: the preliminaries (as we are dealing with a sexual fetish, the foreplay...). I have found a very good example of that in the Fighting Dolls Eva vs Chrissie D., where the lovely girls get "dressed" and apply makeup as going to a party in the town. 


  1. Yeah, great site ... they never fail to have weekly updates, gorgeous girls and always finding new ones.

    A lot of times a 'trib fight' follows one of their Fighting Dolls fights as a continuation of the fight with their sister site Trib Dolls ... have to check on that this one now.

    And to think I started out as a girl-wrestling purist ; just interested in them wrestling and non-topless at that ! How things change , huh ? LOL

    1. Our tastes surely change along the time, specially with the overwhelming number of choices available on the Web. Thanks for your kind comments.