Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Is She Treena Collins (The Return)?

An attentive Blog reader suggested that the beautiful woman in a video on the Theater (inserted below) is Treena Collins (my long time crush), fighting for Judell Dulong when she was - how much? - 18 years old?

Anyway, the woman is gorgeous and the combat is good. Treena has already contributed to clarify doubts before (see here) and she would be welcome again to comment.

Note: one reader has identified the woman as Mandy Cole and another one guessed she is one of the Skarvin sisters.


  1. She's my crush too! So hot and always enjoyed her matches. Didn't care if she won or lost, she was always hot!

  2. This young lady went by the name Mandy Cole. According to Judell she was a tough street girl who liked to fight. She did 3 or 4 matches at Camp Amazon. I think this one is against Liz Meles. I have photo of her that came in a sample pack and in it she has longer hair and weighs more than photo above. I can try to find and share if wanted.

  3. I thought that was Treena Antonelli, who I have long could be Treena Collins.

  4. At least she is a real Treena-Collins-look-alike. Even from the way she is moving, especially at the beginning of the falls, i would say it is her, or not really my fault if she's not. I also tried to look for pics at google but the sites are mostly porn sites or loaded with porn chat pop-ups. So I stopped the search getting scared about to catch some malware.
    In any case, what a long carree withaout changing the looks in a big manner. The last time I saw her in action was in one of the later ECNW videos.

  5. Judell's Treena had darker skin tone. The Treena that you were are talking about was very light toned. Again, will try to find sample photos.