Monday, June 6, 2016

Her Strength Is In The... Breasts!

Ariel X will likely to be known as the most ubiquitous female warrior of our times. Her resume includes works for a dozen companies and even legitimate Brazilian jiu-jitsu combats (where she performed pretty well). If I am not mistaken, her main job today is as Ultimate Surrender manager. But that is not our main subject here: it is Ariel X body.

There are many videos around with her original boobs and still more with the enhanced ones. I put selected scenes from both versions below; while she is in disadvantage in the pre-silicone era, later on Ariel X always gets the upper hand  (or the upper bosom).

From beginning to end: APL 615 against Amber Michaels, Academy AX 277 with Dragon Lily, Les Femmes Fatales V373 facing a "huge" Christine Dupree and V443 against Robin (breasts sizes relation now inverted), APL 789 again with Dragon Lily and finally Steel Kittens SK323 battling Nicole Oring (where Ariel uses her big weapon as a pin hold).

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