Monday, July 4, 2016

Sub-Genre #94

This specialty was created to satisfy fans of girls with short skirts, voyeurs who like the vision of skimpy underwear and, last but not the least, catfight addicts. Another vital feature is the camera work: it must point to (most of the time) the main subject, that is, the crotches. And the cherry on top of the cake, the girls should entangle and lock their legs until you do not know who is who.

Sub-genre defined, there have been apparently many video producers around (the Japanese definitely are in) making goods for the fans. Today´s sample has scenes from: "Tangled Legs" (unknown maker), Randy vs Aaliyha from Randy Moore´s Fetishes, Fetish Cuties unknown movie (probably the smallest skirt in the world) and my favorite, Lucy vs Katharina from Catfight Connection E-C-C 186.


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