Monday, July 18, 2016

The Sweet Face Wrestler

In the list of crushes of my life as female fighting fan was Jasae, a women who fought in several productions in those VHS media times like California Supreme, Video Sports and others. A brunette with gorgeous forms without mound excesses (either natural or artificial), she captured my attention with her young beautiful face and a grain of innocence. Jasae (or J´sae as appears in a few videos) had no combat skills nor strength and her competitive efforts were basically amateurish what only increased my turn on. Quite soon she added full nudity to the brief breasts appearance in the initial videos and her career moved definitely towards the staged erotic catfight.

Only later on I learnt she had also a huge filmography in the adult industry specially in the bondage genre (which I disgust). In this land she was Desi de Angelo (or Elise di Medici) as stated in this short biography. Never mind: I will keep considering Jasae just as a twin sister of Desi/Elise who never performed such violence acts.  

The first video sample below contains her more competitive phase such as: 1988 Video Sports V011 Lightweight Tournament (very likely her debut as the full footage shows Jasae and her mates getting a basic wrestling technique before the bouts); Women Warriors #22 and #25 against Valerie and Candi Divine respectively; then fighting for the rarely seen and very missed Kenstar, against Christine Dupree; for Joan Wise against a young Candi, and finally for California Supreme VT118 battling Julie in a good fight already in topless mode.

From the more erotic phase, we have below: Double Trouble against China Lee and Francesca; back to California Supreme in VT116 in a reasonable topless boxing feature against Holly; Leather & Lace facing Julie again in a sexy ring pantyhose match; California Wildcats CW089 where she rolled around with Venus DeLight in full nude; in a catfight with Cheryl from Curtis Dupont´s "The Queen of Wrestling" (very likely for Savage Videos) where one can watch the girls pubic hair fashion of the times; finally, in the one of the best erotic women combats - although not competitive at all - for California Wildcats CW122 in oil and partnering with Sky.



  1. Great post, i too am a fan of Jasae

  2. Though I was never a fan of Candi Devine as a pro wrestler (a little too much shrieking and too little ability), it pained me to Jasea do so well against her. After all, growing up female pro wrestlers were the meanest, baddest women fighters in the world :)

  3. Jasae also worked for Les Femmes Fatales where she took on Robin in a pretty good body-boxing match. It was obviously not fully competitive but the girls exchanged some punishing blows and were not just tapping gloves.

  4. The catfight with Cheryl in in my VHS collection from the 80's as a Curtis Dupont purchase, a segment from "The Queen of Wrestling"