Monday, August 8, 2016

Pro Wrestling As In The Old Times

I really do not feel any excitement with the pro-wrestling offers of today. On TV, despite the dozens of  WWs shows, none is able to avoid the circus format where the combat itself is of minimum importance. In the download video business, women with little knowledge of the pro wrestling choreography resort to catfight and porn.

Therefore, I have to welcome the Russian Woman Wrestling - or Rumble Matreshka, whose videos I have happened to watch. They have just updated the athletes outfit, keeping the basic elements of the well succeeded formula of the past: get the adversary in trouble with moves and holds that emphasize the sport sexual appeal.

All the combats in the sample feature the sexy Lilu: first against Gotika, then Dallas and Gotika again.  


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  1. Glad to see that you showcased Rumble Matreshka, as I think they are the best female wrestling troupe going around at the moment. They are good to watch - both the girls themselves and the moves that they make. The results of training are evident and they certainly put the effort in. My favourites are Dallas and Lilu, but they are all worth watching. Personally, I would like to see a referee inside the ring and a small audience to provide 'atmosphere', but it's not a big factor overall. The other side of their business is providing live shows, wrestling in oil and foam at corporate events etc, and the way they throw each other around there can be a real sight to see!