Monday, August 15, 2016

Rocket Catfighting

One of the biggest suppliers of fetish stuff in Japan is Rocket Videos. They have an A to Z catalog of genres and women combat is one of them of course. Being a conservative porn joint, they still used the cover graphic design we were used to see in the ancient times of pre-Internet world.

They could easily get a five star rating as to women fighting producer but the prevalent censorship rules in Japan greatly damage the footage: those obnoxious pixels in the genitalia ruin everything.

Watch a sample of scenes from videos #361, #731 and #772, all of them in oil.



  1. Cant find the site - what is their full URL please?

    1. Japanese sites are frequently not easy to navigate. You may find Rocket catfight products here
      And here:

      In either case you must find the catfight product among hundreds of other adult genres (some of them you never thought it could exist).

  2. Try it's in english