Monday, September 26, 2016

Fifty Favorites

Female combat drawings can be as attractive as moving images: you just have to use the static image as the starting point for a full battle in your mind. Watch a list of fifty of my favorite drawings:

Note: I have not been able to find a replacement for my slideshow provider (PhotoSnack). I have used a movie to show the pictures: if you want to watch one for more than 5 sec just stop the movie. Unfortunately, there is no source id for the images.


  1. Great curating again! Drawing 23 is stunning (the two muscular women in a Romero / Ceiling Hold). It looks like Hqadd's work but I can't find it on his DA site - do you remember where it came from?

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I don't remember the source. But it is not DA Hqadd: drawing was done using Poser software, technique not used by the artist. Cheers

  2. Damn, I'm getting a blank white page ... no art work. :>(

  3. Enjoyed the Face Sit,Ceiling Holds and Single Leg Boston Crab

  4. All my favourites arei included,more pleas