Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mature Women In A Mature Catfight (II)

Blog readers have manifested interest in obtaining the full video from Southern Charms starring Lola and Lady Hawke depicted in a previous post. Apparently the production is out of catalog in the original film maker and not locatable elsewhere. So, to the satisfaction of my dear readers, I am posting the full video below. Should the copyrights owner appear and request the removal, I will comply right away.

Caveat: the video has just a relatively small catfight footage compared to the length of talking and lesbian acts (well, the later scenes could be seen as a "fight").

Part 1

part 2



  1. Still unable to view via android device any chance you can post URL link please?

  2. As explained elsewhere, I cannot post the URL. Did you say "view"? I guess Android devices (I don´t have one) can play Flash Video from Blogger.

  3. The moaning and cries during the lezzy scene sound like good submissions.Great video had to watch it again and again

    1. I agree I love the sound of a women screaming and submitting in a submission hold but this is unbeatable and hardens me up instantly