Monday, November 14, 2016

Good Ol´ Interracial Combats

Last week I received a note from Beatrice Goffin where she reported the end of her troubles with Belgian justice. By coincidence, few days later I found this missing video with her fight against the powerful Laila. One more for Beatrice´s collection! (the movie will be copied to her exclusive page soon).

The combat has skilled and competitive wrestling besides the beautiful display of hot bodies wearing sexy swimsuits (I have always said that Beatrice had other qualities than the combative ones).

The second is a boxing match that appeared recently in a topless boxing post (with knock-downs). It is here in full (Bad Apple Mahogany vs Cathy). Good entertainment.



  1. Awesome match. And I also loved watching Bea for reason other than her skill; she's almost purring when she asks her much bigger and stronger opponent "Submit?"

    Leila / Tigra got even bigger and stronger later in her career. I wonder if this as the only time she lost to a woman?

  2. The Bad Apple boxing match was pretty good, but Mahogany was somewhat bigger than Cathy, which made it a bit of a mismatch. As far as I'm concerned the best Bad Apple matches were between Chantel Lace and Stephenie. They always put on a fight that got the audience properly fired up. Have you got any of their encounters in your vast collection?

  3. Incredible. a very quick and flexible Bea shows how to deal with a much bigger and heavier opponent.

  4. Beatrice Goffin she was best

  5. As usual Bea thighs do the damage by crush an opponent,Great