Monday, December 12, 2016

Sub-Genre #35: Mystery Women

Masked fighters: how could I have forgotten this venerable sub-genre where the combatants play a role of disguising her identity? (family? husband? just an act...). And there are subtle variations: just one masked woman or both, a full hood or a brief carnival mask, and so on. In the video below I selected examples where the two wrestlers are using full face covers.

And they are: a Japanese ring combat, followed by a big moms brawl (not only their faces are hidden but also their bodies), Mutiny Wrestling MW225 (here appears one feature of the sub-genre: unmask the adversary), a strip match where the mask stays but not the garments and, finally, an interracial semi-competitive combat from Spanish Fight where the the mask is the only piece of clothing.


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  1. Love masked wrestling! Thanks so much! Awesome post!

    -- Sam