Monday, February 20, 2017

Fighting By The Book

A fellow reader brought a prolific writer of catfight stories to my attention. Named Ariadne Vice - very likely a pen name - has a total of thirty six e-books about the subject on sale at Amazon! I usually prefer videos and pictures to satisfy my fetish, but plain text has its advantages: for example, one can imagine a character in the book being your girlfriend, a neighbor, one colleague of work and so on.

I haven´t read any of Ariadne´s books but the reader reports his (or her?) stuff regards mostly wife vs wife, teens combats and a few others themes; he liked the "Freshmans Fights" trilogy but his favorite is "Pretty Pugilists", a Victorian bare knuckle boxing fantasy.

As I said, I prefer images (after all, it is a Female Fight Theater), hence I added the slideshow below with six book covers from Ariadne works. But catfighting stories are around way before the e-books appeared: so I added old cover books from around 1960s in the slide show, displaying literature "classics" as "Passion Limbo", "Three´s a Crowd", "She Had to Cheat" and others. Frankly, I prefer the bolder and raunchy illustration style from the vintage works: the reason might be I was used to stare at those sexy images in my young age for the lack of better stuff...    

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