Thursday, March 2, 2017

Women Fights & The Mainstream Media

"When in doubt, stage a catfight": that is a show business moto mostly used when the producer does not trust the script and fears a flop is on the way (the advertising industry likes that safe net as well). The number of women brawls in feature movies and TV shows should be in the range of thousands if not more (who has that figure?).

And that keeps going on our times. A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal (!!!) published an article named "Why We Love a Good Catfight" - this phrase could well be a post title here on the Blog. The text deals with incoming TV shows (I don´t subscribe WSJ so I could not read the full text) from FX (named "Feud") and other outlets which are using the allure of a female clash to guarantee audience (amazing, who would say there is people interested on that?).

In order to not lose the wagon, the streaming media industry is showing its weapons. Netflix has announced a series starting on June based on Glow, our well known TV pro-wrestling from the 1980s (btw, I used to love some of their characters, specially the sexy Spanish Red, her pliable body and scanty swimsuit for the time).

It follows the video from "Feud" and Netflix "Glow".

One of the Netflix show stars will be Allison Brie, from "Mad Men": I hope she changes the shy role and costumes she had in the blockbuster series for something like the picture below.

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