Thursday, April 6, 2017

Another Year Has Gone By (5)

Here is a production from She Fights Magazine, called Lori Brutal Blondes. Starting in bikinis, they go all the way to a nude catfighting that features the classical face sitting at the end.



  1. B&J Enterprises video featured in there magazines She Fights vol.1 no 3 and 4 called the dirty londe dispute in 3 and brutal blondes in 4.i still have the mags. i have looked for the video for a long time. i would love to talk about sharing but i have bee unsuccessful emailing you.-a i8ng tume collector

    1. Thanks for adding video details. I check daily; please, try once more.

  2. Face sitting is a enjoyable hold to watch being administered,especially the reverse face sit which is usually accompanied by the cries and pleading of the victim as her face disappears inder the rear and crotch of women applying it.Some women however have said they cannot make up their mind wether its better on top or underneath !
    Love to see it.