Saturday, April 8, 2017

Another Year Has Gone By (7)

That is a near porn flick from UK, with healthy nude gals in a ring. It reminds me the usual fare found in the adult films joints in New York´s 42nd st, London´s Soho and Paris´ Pigalle (centuries ago, of course).



  1. Excellent retro contest, a classic blonde vs brunette. I have seen stills shot at the same time but not taken from the film

  2. Covered in knave volume 9 number 5.
    I think it may have been in response to a club international scenario, where they covered two girls ending up nude wrestling. It was called Tit Tearers and this stunning blonde girl ended up being beaten by this brutal looking girl, in a very revealing boston crab. Possibly the best on the internet to this day. Always hoped a film was made of it, but I haven't seen anything to indicate that it made it into film. The stunning blonde was the one and only Pat Astley