Monday, April 24, 2017

Pretty Close To Japan

Not only geographically but culturally, Korea is close to Japan in several aspects: use of Chinese characters in the written language, social discipline, aesthetic sensibilities and... catfighting producers and fans. For example, if you make a YouTube search for Korean catfighting you are going to find several interesting clips.

They don´t have (as far as I know) a huge production engine as the Japanese but one can find decent videos like the one below from All That Catfight. It is named Girl Fight Story Vol. 3 with Bunny vs A-Me, a battle of broadcast jockeys. The video is more than one hour long and it has gorgeous girls, a love triangle story, strip teases, sexual scenes with a man: all of this will likely bore the hard core fan. Anyway, if the viewer survives the long pre-fighting footage (which I have compressed in a few seconds) he will be rewarded with top notch catfighting scenes: vibrant action, near nudity, grueling holds and wedgies.


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