Monday, July 17, 2017

Matchbook Expert

Academy´s Bruce outlet had a special gift for special holds like matchbooks. It is a pity he left no heir in this category. To the fans of this erotic and grueling hold, it follows five scenes from SOAP movies, all in the nude, of course.

Oh, and they come from SOAPs #20, #64, #142, #271 and #547.



  1. Thanks so much; I love the videos. Never realized in the 4th one how real the matchbook pin is. I think it's Dia and Xana; the girl on the bottom is trying to get out for over a minute and she's really trying. Dia has her pretty good. Cool stuff---thks Mike.

  2. Excellent. This is really wrestling ! Not just girls tumbling about . Body to body ,sensual SLOW struggle with genitle holds is where it's at ! Even the tamer producers don't get it ... crotch body slams, cradles , crotch bars. If yhey don't forget it ,just forget the match .it's nothing .