Monday, August 7, 2017

Cage Of Beauties

Women MMA is a mainstream combat sport nowadays and it´s natural that erotic versions appear. I have already commented Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC) and I keep my opinion that they are for real. Well, one is not going to see a Holly Holm knocking down a Rounda Rousey with a head kick but there are punches and screaming submission holds. Other organization with MMA style combats is Extreme Catfighting (post here): they are not in business anymore and they had at least one video with fighters in a cage.

Both producers featured gorgeous girls but whereas LFC chose lace undergarments (what else could be?), Extreme Catfighting uses boring gym gear to cover those voluptuous bodies. You may compare the results below (notice that one Extreme combatant made a protest against her uniform...).


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