Monday, August 21, 2017

Multi-Role Vira

I love Vira, her skills and body, but mainly her adaptation to several fighting scripts. Either under her own label - Vira´s Apt Fights - or for other video makers, you can find the wrestler fully dressed or nude, in pro-wrestling or erotic, just playing or brawling, oiled or natural.

Just watch these eight samples:

- pro-wrestling, against a short hair brunette;
- light catfight ending naked against Bharati;
- a classical tit fight facing Vanessa;
- a light erotic match against Kobe;
- a serious brawl for ECNWC CF-30, versus Melody;
- a grueling holds challenge;
- a slow but competitive catfight in lingerie;
- a glorious nude oil against Megan Jones.


You may have noticed three full videos of Lingerie Fighting Championships in the Blog Theater top positions. More or less one year ago, there were rumors of Ronda Rousey being invited to appear in the "Cage of Laces": any news on that?

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