Monday, September 4, 2017

Great Moments In Female Fighting (22): The Best Angle

A variety of wrestling holds and outfits (including none at all) are displayed in this post of the Great Moments series but the main attraction is... well, you will know when you will see it. 

We start the video with full beef women - Colette Nelson and Cassandra Floyd in Awe Films Roomate Scuffle, then we move to DWW Movies #206 with Simona and Nina - where non-nudity is offset by extreme wedgie. The fun continues with a STJ (?) with non identified robust fighters and, finally, my preferred, Candi being submitted by a gorgeous brunette.


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  1. Just to set the record straight, the third segment is from APL744. It features Jezabella, one of a handful of pro wrestlers that have done naked matches (Annie Social, April Hunter, Lucky O'Shea Tylene Buck and Sandy Partlow come to mind), and everyone's favourite jobber Kimberly Jane, a great actress who loses matches better than anyone I know.