Monday, September 25, 2017


I have neglected the subject of women combat between MILFs and here I am trying to fix the gap.

Starting with a vintage Lois vs Lorna (it seems an improvised combat) that has few highlights, we move to a more interesting Elle vs Ciara Blue and finish with the Spanish Fight #36 White Panther vs Carol, with robust women sporting lovely tan marks and mysterious masks.



  1. You have partly covered MILFs in your MATURES SECTION
    but you are right they cetainly should not be neglected.A good private bout between MILFs makes great viewing especially as they are not usually skinny but more rounded and look like women.The bout is very often private or with small audience and includes sex holds such as Schoolgirl pins and facesits which go on until the women applying the submission has satisfied herself which of course satisfies the viewers as well.Great more of them please !